Yaz Tablets




Yaz Tablets Contraindications

Yaz Tablets Pregnancy, lactation, jaundice or severe liver disease, benign or malignant liver tumours; DVT, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, stroke, angina pectoris; diabetes with blood vessel damage; disturbance of lipometabolism, history of herpes of pregnancy, deterioration of osteosclerosis during pregnancy, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding; history of migraine accompanied by visual symptoms, speech disability, weakness or numbness; pancreatitis. Precautions: Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, varicose veins, superficial phlebitis, osteosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, porphyria, herpes gestationis, Sydenham’s chorea, chloasma, heart rhythm/valve disorder, family history of thrombosis; heart attack or stroke; obesity, family history of breast cancer, depression, SLE, migraine, cigarette smoking, advancing age, lactation. Hyperlipidaemia, liver or gall bladder disease, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, haemolytic uraemic syndrome, sickle-cell anaemia, chloasma. Benign & rarely, malignant liver tumours which may lead to life threatening intra-abdominal haemorrhage. Unusual severe upper abdominal complaints


Oral contraception


Adults: 1 pink(hormone containing) tablet daily, starting on the first day of menstruation, at the same time, without interruption for 24 days, then 1 white(hormone free) tablet for 4 days. Children: Not recommended.


Antiepileptic drugs (barbiturates, phenylbutazone, hydantoins), anti-TB drugs (rifampicin), ritonavir, antibiotics (penicillins, tetracyclines, griseofulvin) & St. John’s Wort.

Adverse effects of Yaz Tablets

Headache; migraine, gastric upset, nausea; breast tenderness, pain, enlargement & secretion; changes in body weight & libido; vaginal secretions; depressive moods; contact lens intolerance; various skin reactions, fluid retention, hypersensitivity reactions.


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