Saltra HFA Inhaler 25+250mcg





Pulmonary tuberculosis, severe cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hypokalaemia, thyrotoxicosis. Paradoxical bronchospasm; discontinue immediately. Prolonged treatment with high doses increases risk of adrenal suppression and systemic Saltra HFA Inhaler 25 250mcg effects; monitor adrenal function. Monitor height of children on prolonged therapy. Consider additional steroid therapy during stress or surgery. Pregnancy, lactation. Withdraw gradually.


Regular treatment of asthma where long acting b2-agonist and inhaled corticosteroid is appropriate. Severe COPD. Dosage Adults: 2 inhalations twice daily at lowest effective inhaled corticosteroid dose. Children: under 4 yr, not recommended; over 4 yr, 2 inhalations of Salmicort 25/50 preparation twice daily.


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