Every girl is obsessed with how their makeup looks all day. Wearing makeup makes some girls feel more confident. If you love makeup you would know how it feels to begin your day with a fresh face of makeup and end up getting a dull and smudged look by lunch. It’s horrible. Makeup malfunction is entirely avoidable because it depends on the individual as to how they do it. It can be a total mess or an absolute beauty hit.

Fresh makeup throughout the days requires the use of appropriate tools and correct steps that need to be followed. Nowadays, every skin fights with the friction of the mask and skin layer for several hours. Over a period of time, makeup naturally begins to crease, fade and settle into fine lines on your face. Makeup doesn’t last forever so here are a few tips and tricks to keep your makeup looking freshly applied throughout the day;

Prep your skin well

Doesn’t matter what product you wear or what brand you use, if you don’t prep your skin well your makeup won’t look fresh, smooth, and won’t last long. When you sweat or your skin releases oil, bacteria and dead skin cells pile up and accumulate on the surface of the skin. Accumulation of microorganisms on your skin can lead to large and open pores and breakouts which also gather makeup inside them. Breakouts and bacterial acne show through when makeup is applied.

Exfoliating twice a week helps the skin to get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells making it look more smooth and fresh when makeup is applied. This helps the makeup last longer and better. Always use a toner after cleansing and exfoliation because toner tones down the pH of your skin for a soft and polished appearance.

Always use a Primer

Using a primer before applying your makeup is the first step to a flawless fresh face. Primer not only helps in the reduction of visible pores but also makes the skin look even. Makeup lasts longer with the use of a primer. Primers are designed according to the skin type. Girls with oily skin are suggested to use a water-based or silicone-based primer and girls with dry skin can use an oil-based primer that will keep them moisturized and will also do the job.

Makeup fanatics usually compromise on primers because they’re expensive but it’s very important to take primer purchases seriously and invest in high-quality primers. Dutifully and thoroughly applying high-quality primer to your face and eyes before you apply your makeup can help extend the freshness of your makeup for several additional hours. Not only do they seal in your skincare, but they also create a barrier that smoothens the surface of your skin for prolonged wear.

Use an oil-free foundation

Look for an oil-free foundation because oil-based foundations tend to slide off your face after a while very easily. On well-prepped skin, an oil-free foundation sits smoothly and will stay on for longer periods. Opt for a long-wearing foundation and wouldn’t come off after a few hours.

If you don’t want to apply a liquid foundation, you can opt for a mineral powder instead of foundation, this has lesser coverage but will provide more room for your skin to breathe. Liquid foundations tend to attract more bacteria.

Set everything up!

Setting the makeup by using Gk Whitening Cream appropriately really helps with fresh makeup all day long. Set your foundation with a translucent powder especially after you’re done applying all the complexion products. This mattifies all your makeup by soaking up all the excess oil on your face. You can always re-apply it when you feel oil oozing out of your pores. Instead of buffing the powder on your skin, try stippling it on your face, this will stop the product from moving and will lock all the complexion products.

Setting the makeup with the right product can help seal it into your skin and create a layer between the outside world and your skin. Setting spray is one product that should be incorporated into any makeup routine. It locks in all your face, eye, and lip products at once. Setting sprays are so popular now that there’s an array of different formulations that mattify, hydrate, and even have illuminating pigments to promote a glow.

Consider blotting frequently

To prevent any makeup melt-down, blotting your oily areas can be a great idea. Blotting is preferred because if you are oily, sweaty, and shiny throughout the day you shouldn’t add more powder onto oil and perspiration. After all, it makes the skin look more cakey and chalky.

Try waterproof eye products

Water-resistant mascara and eyeliner work well to keep your eyes looking fresh all day. It won’t budge if you happen to get wet or cry but make sure you don’t sleep with waterproof mascara on, as it will clump and make your lashes fall off. Most people avoid using waterproof makeup because they think it’s difficult to take it off at the end of the day.

Waterproof eye makeup products are designed with a stronger formula than non-waterproof products so that they can stay put even when your face is exposed to water. However, waterproof eye makeup products are excellent at withstanding more than just water. They tend to remain to look fresh much longer than non-waterproof products without growing dimmer or blotching. Waterproof eye makeup products are especially helpful for those with oily skin whose eye makeup smudges or wears off due to oil build-up around the eyes.In the end, DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE REPEATEDLY! Your hands also collect a lot of oil and bacteria and when you touch your face with grubby hands, your face catches all that dirt that can cause blemishes.

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