Oxygen Mask (Promed)




Directions For Use:

  • Attach the Oxygen Mask (Promed) supply tubing to the Oxygen Mask (Promed) sourceand set the Oxygen Mask (Promed) to the prescribed flow.
  • Check for Oxygen Mask (Promed) flow throughout the device.
  • Place the mask on the patient’s face with the elastic strapbelow the ears and around the neck.
  • Gently pull the ends of the strap until the mask is secure.
  • Mold the metal strip on the mask to fit the nose.


  • For single use.Discard after use.
  • Do not use Oxygen Mask (Promed) if package is open or damaged.
  • Do not Oxygen Mask (Promed) store at extreme temperature and humidity.
  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • Ensure that all connections are secure and air circulates freely through the tubing.


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