Fortide Inhaler 200Mcg/6Mcg

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Risk Factor Precautions: Formoterol: Severe cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, thyrotoxicosis. Acute severe asthma, severe liver cirrhosis. Budesonide: Active or quiescent pulmonary tuberculosis. Pregnancy. Transferring from systemic steroids.
Indications Prophylaxis of asthma, management of chronic asthma. Dosage Inhaler 200/6 mcg: Asthma maintenance therapy: Adults: 1-2 puffs of mcg twice daily increased if necessary to max 4 puffs twice daily, reduced to 1 puff once daily if control maintained. Children: 12-17 yr: 1-2 puffs twice daily reduced to 1 puff once daily if control maintained.

Fortide Getz Bronchodilator & Anti-asthma Preps: Inhalants Beta-2 agonist/ Corticosteroid Budesonide and Formoterol HFA Inhaler 200/6 mcg.


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