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Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) affects both fingernails and toenails. Unfortunately, its symptoms are often ignored, camouflaged with a nail polish or hidden in shoes. Fungal nail infection requires appropriate treatment to prevent total destruction of your nails.
DermoFuture Precision treatment prevents the onychomycosis and restores nails to health in the fungal fingernail and toenail infections. Nail treatment includes the composition of the carefully selected ingredients that penetrate deep into the nails and reduce the excessive microbial growth and thus, protect against the mycosis. Moreover, the product conditions and strengthens the structure of nail plate and helps to rebuild it. It is very easy to use as it includes a brush that is perfect for application. Moreover, it is extremely efficient. Recommended especially for people with weak and damaged nail plate susceptible to fungal infections.
The product creates a waterproof protective layer on the nail that curbs the development of fungi and speeds up reconstruction of the nail plate. Conceals the imperfections, lightens the nail plate. Prevents recurrence of fungal infections and speeds up reconstruction of the healthy nail plate. You can see the results already after four weeks of application!


Follow several simple rules that will support the therapy and make it impossible to infect others.
•disinfect nail care tools
•throw away or at least disinfect shoes you wore
•wear shoes that ensure proper air circulation
•wear light socks made of natural materials
•change towels on a regular basis and wash them at high temperatures
•wash your carpets and rugs

Foot care
•add appropriate salt or skin conditioner to a warm bath
•on hot days use cooling gels
•after giving your feet a good wash, dry them carefully
•remember to moisturize you foot skin after the bath

Hand care
•moisturize skin of your hands after each wash
•in the winter wear a rich cream, in the summer – light and moisturizing
•in the evening wear a thicker layer of cream or a mask on your hands
•peel your hands once a week.


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