Adapco Cream 15gm




Adapco Cream 15gm

Adapco Cream is made from a combination of natural ingredients that helps to control acne by reducing the size of zits.
Deprived of Vitamin A and other antioxidants, the skin often becomes susceptible to acne flare-ups and dryness. Adapco Cream is packed with 15gms of shea butter and Vitamin A, which yields powerful results. Left on the skin for 20 minutes, it absorbs the oils and reduces acne, opens up clogged pores, prevents breakouts, and moisturizes dry spots. Get the healthy, beautiful skin you deserve with Adapco Cream.
Adapco cream is meant to treat moderate to severe acne and works to clear up your skin without irritating it. We understand that a lot of people want to avoid drugs and medications, and that’s why Adapco Cream is available without a prescription. Adapco Cream keeps your skin clear, healthy, and clear of blemishes.


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