Oratane Capsules



Oratane Capsules

Contraindications: Renal or hepatic impairment, hyperlipidaemia, hypervitaminosis A. Soya or peanut allergy. Pregnancy (teratogenic), women of childbearing potential unless all conditions of pregnancy prevention programme are met. Precautions: Prescription must be written by a named dermatologist. Exclude pregnancy before starting treatment; effective contraceptive measures must be taken by women of child-bearing potential for 1 mth before, during and for at least 4 wks after therapy. Monitor liver function before starting treatment, 1 mth later and then at 3 mth intervals; reduce dose or discontinue if transaminase levels exceed normal. Monitor fasting serum lipids before starting treatment, 1 mth later and then at end of treatment; discontinue if hypertriglyceridaemia is uncontrolled or symptoms of pancreatitis occur. History of depression; monitor all patients for signs of depression and suicidal ideation. Avoid dermabrasion for 5-6 months, or wax epilation for minimum 6 months, after treatment. History of intestinal disorders; discontinue if severe diarrhoea. Risk of serious skin reactions; advise patients to report symptoms and discontinue if occur. Avoid blood donation for 1 month after last dose. Renal impairment, diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, dyslipidaemia.


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