Sangobion 120ml Syrup


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Sangobion 120ml Syrup is a water soluble dicyclic monocarboxylic acid considered to be part of vitamin B complex. Sangobion 120ml Syrup is essential cofactor for several carboxylases, plays a role in the metabolism of fatty acids and the deamination of certain amino acids. Deficiencies in humans have occured only after prolonged total parentral nutrition not supplemented with it or on ingestion of large quantities of raw egg whites.


Sangobion 120ml Syrup is primarily indicated in conditions like Dietry Sangobion 120ml Syrup deficiency, Multiple carboxylase deficiency


Sangobion 120ml Syrup is contraindicated in conditions like Hypersensitivity to any component of product


It should be used with caution in duodenal or peptic ulcer and recurrent gastritis. In case of severe renal insufficiency requiring dialysis the dose should be reduced. In case of skin rash and fever treatment should be stopped.



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