Pan Amin-G





As parenteral nutrition supplement for protein deficient patients. Dosage See literature.

Pan-Amin G Infusion

Amino acid 2.7%, sorbitol 5%: 500 mL for IV infusion; with set. Pan-Amin SG Infusion: Amino acid 8% and sorbitol 5%. Total nitrogen 12.6 gm/litre, sodium+ approx 12mEq/litre, chlorine- 153 mEq/litre. Per 1000 mL: D-sorbitol 50 gm, l-arginine HCl 8 gm, l-histidine HCI H20 4 gm, l-isoleucine 5.5 gm, l-leucine 12.3 gm, l-lysine HCI 18.6 gm, l-methionine 7.1 gm, l-phenylalanine 8.7 gm, l-threonine 5.4 gm, l-tryptophan 1.8 gm, l-valine 6.4 gm, glycine (amino acetic acid) 10 gm, water for inj qs.


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