Intilite lightening milk


Under Arms, Under Legs, Body Lightening Lotion. SPF-35 Unisex use



Intilite lightening L-Glutathione Milk 120ml

Non Greasy – Hypoallergenic – Moisturizing – Anti-Aging Effect

Intilite lightening body embrocation is formulated to naturally dwindle the appearance of uneven skin tone while amping and hydrating the skin. It’s invested with important antioxidants, decolorizing actives, botanical excerpts, and icing maximum decolorizing power, leaving skin incandescently glowing and further immature looking. The Innilite lightening body embrocation can enter deep into skin cells of the body corridor and other intimate areas similar as the underarms, vagina, anal area, scrotum, penis, casket, knees, elbows, and other sensitive areas to adulterate the melanin, remove oxygen- deduced free revolutionaries and snappily fade the skin. The Intilite lightening body embrocation really does lighten the spots. It goes on easily and doesn’t irritate the skin. Formulated to help brake melanin products and give dark skin a fairer skin tone. Feel safe and confident using Intilite lightening body embrocation which works snappily and provides long-lasting results. This will fade dark skin, and while results may be visible in as little as 2 weeks, still lighter skin is visible in 6- 8 weeks.


Dullness and darkness of the body skin, under arms & intimate areas of the body.

Directions for use

Apply to the whole body specially affected areas like the neck, underarms, and intimate areas in the morning and evening, particularly after bathing or rain. Cautions, Avoid contact with eyes. However, wash your eyes If contact occurs. thoroughly with water. Store below 30 °C. cover from direct sun. Keep out of the range of children.





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