Gravinate Tablets


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Vertigo. Nausea and vomiting. Motion sickness.



Adults: 50-100 mg two or three times daily, Children: Under 1 yr, Not recommended; 1-6 yr, 12.5-25 mg; 7- 12 yr, 25-50 mg; both two or three times daily. INJECTION: Adults: IM/IV. 50 mg every 4 hr, max 100 mg every 4 hr. Children: Above 1 yr, IM 1.25 mg/kg or 37.5 mg/square meter 4 times daily, max 300 mg/day.

Advice to Patient Take with or without meals. Inform prescriber about dimenhydrinate therapy if you are being tested for other medical conditions such as appendicitis which may be affected by this medicine. Avoid alcohol, sedatives and tranquilizers during therapy. Avoid activities that require mental alertness. Use sunscreen to prevent photosensitivity.

Administration For IM administration, each mL (50 mg) of solution is injected as needed. For IV administration, inject diluted solution over a period of 2 min. Reconstitution: For IV administration, each mL (50 mg) of solution must ho diluted in 10 m


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