Glucobay 100mg Tablets




Risk Factor

Pregnancy:Glucobay 100mg No evidence of risk in humans.

Lactation: Contraindicated or not recommended.


Hepatic or severe renal impairment. Inflammatory bowel disorders, chronic ulceration, intestinal obstruction, chronic digestive or absorption disorders, conditions exacerbated by flatulence.


Monitor hepatic transaminase on max dose, review if persistently elevated. Monitor closely patients on other hypoglycaemic therapy.


Non-insulin dependent diabetes, inadequately controlled by diet and/or oral hypoglycaemic agents.


Adults: Initially 50 mg three times daily before meals. Titrate to 100 mg three times daily if necessary after 6-8 wk; max 200 mg three times daily. Children: Not recommended.

Advice to Patient

Glucobay 100mg Take with the first bite of each main meal or swallow whole with a little liquid before the meal. Contact prescriber if there are severe or persistent side effects, fever, vomiting, flu or change in colour of urine or stool. Consult prescriber before taking any OTC medication during therapy. Avoid alcohol, sucrose and foods containing sucrose. Do not take other medications within 2 hours of this medication unless advised by the prescriber. Follow dietary and lifestyle recommendations of prescriber. Patient who also takes another antidiabetic should carry source of glucose with him at all times in case hypoglycemia occurs.


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