Filgen Injection 30miu




Filgen Injection 30miu

Filgen Injection 30miu is primarily indicated in conditions like Cytotoxic-induced neutropenia, Mobilisation of peripheral blood progenitor cells, Myeloablative therapy followed by bone marrow transplantation, Neutropenia, Persistant neutropenia in advanced hiv infection, Severe chronic neutropenia, and can also be given in adjunctive therapy as an alternative drug of choice in AIDS, Aplastic anemia, Myelodysplastic syndrome.

Side Effects 

The severe or irreversible adverse effects of Filgen Inj 30miu, which give rise to further complications include Vasculitis, Myelogenous leukemia, Leukocytoclastic, Neutrophillic dermatitis.,Filgen Inj 30miu produces potentially life-threatening effects which include Proliferation of myelogenous cells, Leukemic crisis. which are responsible for the discontinuation of Filgen Inj 30miu therapy., The signs and symptoms that are produced after the acute overdosage of Filgen Inj 30miu include Bone pain, Elevation of alkaline phosphatase, Elevation of LDH.,The symptomatic adverse reactions produced by Filgen Inj 30miu are more or less tolerable and if they become severe, they can be treated symptomatically, these include Fever, Skin rash, Medullary bone pain.


Filgen Injection 30miu is contraindicated in conditions like Myeloblastic leukemia.


Filgen Inj 30miu should be used only if clearly needed during pregnancy. It should be used with caution in patients with any pre-existing heart disease or any allergies.


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