Fairlite Tablet with L-Glutathione


Fairlite is a advance Whitening Care Tablet.



Fairlite Tablet (L-Glutathione)

Fairlite Tablet an Enhanced, Glutathione Supplement Renowned as the King Antioxidant due to its Detoxification Property Neutralizes Toxins, Enhanced Immune System, Prevents Skin from further Damage Aging and Safe Skin from Damage of Radicals as a result the Skin get a Fairer & Brighter Complexion. Fairlite Tablet Enhanced Blood Micro Circulation with Better Supply of Oxygen to Skin Gives Antioxidant activity also Inhibits Melanogenesis and Lowers Skin Pigmentation Intensity.

  • Fairlite Tablet provides Ultra Skin Whitening effect
  • It provides Malasma, Scars & Anti Ageing effect

Fairlite Tablet Uses

The Skin Whitening Supplement that not only Lighten Complexion but also Promotes Better Health have a Flawless Even Colored, Smooth Beautiful Gorgeous Skin in Days, Fights against Aging, Improves Skin Elasticity Increases Whitening Effects Start Lighter and Brighter Today.

Dosage & Administration:

Take one to two pills daily preferably with meal or as directed by the physician.





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