Dijex Mp Suspension Mixed Fruit 120ml


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Dijex Mp Suspension Mixed Fruit 120ml Indications

Peptic ulcer, hiatus hernia, acute and chronic recurrent gastritis, dyspepsia, all other forms of gastric hyperacidity and flatulence.

DosageĀ Tab: Adults: 1-2 tab chewed or sucked after meals or when required. Children: Over 6 yr, half adult dose; Under 6 yr, not recommended. Susp: Adults: 1-2 tsp between meals and at bed time. Children: Over 12 yr, same as adult dose; 5-12 yr, half adult dose.

Interactions May alter absorption of tetracyclines, Fe salts, H2-receptor antagonists, INH, warfarin, quinidine.

Adverse effects

Diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, intestinal obstruction (large dose).


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