DERMAXiL Neutal PH Face Wash 65ml


For Sensitive Skin Mild Hydrating Cleanser

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DERMAXiL Face Wash 65ml

DERMAXIL neutral pH wash is 100% soap free and alkalifree extra mild cleansing care formulation.

Offers neutral pH of 5.5 along with active moisturizing complex of vitamins and allantoin that protects the skin from dehydration. DERMAXIL neutral pH wash is specially developed for the sensitive and delicate skin. It is ideal to use for soap intolerance and for cleansing in different skin disorders. Regular use results in smoother, softer and supple skin.

Enriched with:

Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera Extract, Allantoin

Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic


Apply on moist skin and massage gently, make some lather and rinse thoroughly. Can be used twice a day or as directed by the dermatologist & physician.

Long Term Use Can: Improve quality of skin Leave the skin supple and healthy.


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