Bio Rae Complexion 12

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Bio Rae Complexion 12 Skin Whitening Injection


  1. Glutathione 5000mg – 10ml – vials
  2. Ascorbic Acids 5000mg 10ml-ampoules
  3. Alpha Lipolo Acids (ALA) 250mg – 6ml – vials
  4. Amino Acids- 500mg – 5ml – vials
  5. Tranexamic Acids- 500mg – 5ml – ampoules
  6. Embryo Stem Cell Extract-50,000 1.U- 5ml – ampoules
  7. Ginko Biloba Extract (Ginkgoflavonglucoside)-5ml – ampoules
  8. Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12) 2000mg-2ml-ampoules
  9. Vitamin B Complex -2ml-ampoules
  10. Selenium 0.35mcg-2ml-ampoules
  11. Multi glutathione extracts 5000g-20ml – vials
  12. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) 2500mg 10ml – vials



6 reviews for Bio Rae Complexion 12

  1. Ismail

    I Received Bio Rae Injection, the experience was to good.

  2. Bushra

    I have been using it since last month and by using it, i don’t need makeup to hide my acne and make my skin smooth which helps a lot in this dry whether.

  3. Mohtasim abbasi

    Amazing product allhamdulliah 100 satisfied thanks tps

  4. Khizer

    Such a amazing product best result.

  5. Noorulain

    Bohat zabardast product hai thanks thepharmacyservices

  6. Arshoma

    100% Original, behtareen result aya hY.

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