Beads Whitening Face Wash 120ml




Beads Face Wash

BEADS Whitening Face Wash is specifically formulated to whiten-up dull skin, provide better nourishment and hydration. BEADS Face Wash is Scientifically proven for Asian skin with Whitening Beads.

  • ┬áBeads Face Wash Product details of microbeads in face wash 120ml Facial Cleanser

beads face wash benefits is efficacy proven by clinical studies.High skin tolerance. beads face wash for acne is an excellent cleanser which provides deep cleansing & instant freshness.Day after day free from the dullness of excess dead cells ,your skin looks brightening & translucent. bursting beads face wash Direction to use. as an ordinary soap and massade creamy lather into skin.rinse thoroughly avoid contact with eyes.

  • This Beads Whitening Face Wash is a wash for people who are looking for an effective product to brighten their skin. It’s free of chemicals and parabens, and made with natural ingredients. The formula is pH balanced and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. The beads are meant to exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells. The scrubbing beads gently remove dirt and makeup from the skin. It’s a gentle formula that is safe for all skin types.


Use in place of ordinary soap. Use BEADS Face Wash Twice or Thrice daily to get optimum results.


Avoid contact with eyes. Wash eyes thoroughly with clean water in case of eye contact.



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