July 3, 2020 Face Mask COVID-19

Covid-19: Does your child not want to wear face masks? So these tips will help you


After the locked down   people are slowly walking out keeping in mind the complete precautions for their work. But now things are not the same, especially in the coming few months, extra caution is needed. To avoid coronavirus , it is necessary to emphasize social distance and personal hygiene. Suppose we are preparing ourselves to live in a new world in the Corona period.Along with this, we also need to teach new lessons to our children. There is a need to explain the difference between before and today. What is the importance of social distancing, mask and hand washing, it is important to explain it to children as well. It is the responsibility of parents to tell children what to keep in mind to avoid infection. Children can refuse to adopt them, so you should keep these things in mind?It can be difficult for children to use face masks for long periods of time. If you are thinking how to explain this to children, then with the help of some special tips here, you can get rid of this difficult problem.
There is nothing wrong in making children aware of the truth. No, we are not saying that you should give full information to them so that fear is instilled in children. Rather you can tell them that keeping the face covered and washing hands at this time will protect you from germs and this will keep you safe. Explain your point in a simple and correct way.It is said that children learn from the elders of the house. If you see them wearing masks in the house, then they will learn by looking at you and would like to try it themselves. You
can also ask parents of friends of your children to share photos or videos with their children by facecover to make their children feel comfortable.
Don’t expect your children to start following the face mask routine immediately and give them some time to practice wearing masks at home. Children can incorporate face masks into their tasks, such as playing at home, making video calls, watching movies, etc.If your child is still not ready to wear a facemask , you can ask them to prepare a facemask of their choice, such as making the facemask themselves at home. This will increase their interest.
Whenever the child is wearing a facemask, you should take care that the facemask is properly fitted or not? Is it too tight or too loose?

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